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Friday, December 31, 2010

Skip the NYE partys and finish what you started!

I've been deliberating back and forth over whether I should go to a great party in BK for NYE or stay in JC and keep it low key. I can cross 2 rivers in the packed NYE subway system or be a whirlwind of whisky fueled debauchery?

On a night guaranteed to be full of beligerent shouts and drunken mishaps, do I really wanna add to that mess? Do I need another night where I come home with empty pockets and forgotten memories? If I evaluated 2010, would I tally up all my experiences and say; "ya know what?- I dont think I got in enough partying this year, I better make sure I get in one more before 2010 is over." In fact when I think of 2010 all I see is unfinished projects. An unfinished coccoon room, 3 unfinished paintings, a greenhouse awaiting construction, unpaid bills, a Gallery sitting empty, a play in the writing stage, an apartment awaiting renovations, and jeez so many more projects that wish they weren't competing for my attention.

So that being said; This NYE I vow that I will avoid my usual bass jump into the caverns of mayhem and opt to finish a project that begs for my attention instead. FINISH it is the key word. Tonight I complete something from 2010 by midnight and then begin a new project at 12:01am. Something brand new will get started and NEW is always exciting, but so is finishing something you start. Tonight I want both, and thats my resolution for the New Year- To finish more of what I start, faster, better and on time. Have fun for me out there!
Stay tuned for pics.

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