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Friday, December 24, 2010

If Santa Claus means Saint Nicholas-WHo the hell IS Christopher Kringle?

Or Kris Kringle..however it's spelled. Was he just a character from Miracle on 34th st? Does it mean "Christ kind"?? Who can keep up with all the American Christian folklore of our holidays anymore. So what if Coca-Cola was the one who decided Ol Santa Clause wore a red outfit, doesnt mean he aint real! Apparently J.Ruddy whom was traveling through a small town in Southern Italy claims he saw the church where the body of Saint Nicholas was entombed. So that means you can tell yer kids that Santa existed and it can be proven. I wonder though what the spirits of Jesus and Saint Nicholas think of how their images have been reworked and their messages hijacked. Whats the point of doing something great if after you die they just hijack yer identity and use it for their own purposes, like selling cola, boosting the economy and forcing children to behave out of guilt and fear of HELL or even worse...NO PRESENTS.
Even Colonel Sanders lived to see his company and his image taken from him. I believe he actually died destitute and unable to sell any type of chicken product or use his name to sell anything!! Would Saint Nick or Jesus be happy? I doubt it, but maybe they'd be ok with everything bc of all the children that were made happy despite the sinister reasoning behind the corrupting of their message. You may be like me and be straying further and further away from feeling the sentimentality of X-mas, but dont forget- it's you whom gets to corrupt the message of christmas for your kids this time around. So corrupt the message with the best of intentions and build a tradition worth looking forward to ea year. Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!

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