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Sunday, December 26, 2010

How to Insulate a Cave

The sounds of gusty winds outside our walls, the frigid air and layers of clothes make me think of primitive man. This building our cave, and our priorities focused.


  1. Hey there. I am an artist and writer who recently moved to JC. I'd love to stop by sometime and check out your space. I have a blog too and you can take a gander at it here

    Stay warm, brother.

  2. I feel your pain as I sit by my little electric space heater. I'm sure you've already discovered the beauty of Duofold longies. Hopefully you don't have to bath in the sink (I did for a year in one studio).



  3. I am an artist that moved to JC recently too, glad to see something going on here. Are you having any shows soon?

  4. I live in an ancient brownstone. Space heaters rule.

    Anonymous, I have a few paintings up at LITM, its on Newark Avenue and they are big on showing local artists. You guys should look into it.