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Friday, December 17, 2010

Frozen toes and GiJoes

Captains BLLLOOGG stardate Dec 17th. 10:25 am.
Fingers and toes are frozen. Work on the Art went from manic art-mania to drudgingly slow in a matter of days. This months duties require me to get certain violations taken care of before re-inspection by NJFD while coordinating the various annual winter duties necessary to prevent the many drafts from getting in this big lovely ICEbox of ours. I always tell myself I will do this in the spring...but that never happens. The Spring and Summer are for installing shows, travel and indulgence with a capital I. The fall and winter is for work, work, work. This year we have individual weekly chores, which helps keep tenant relations up, between those that are naturally considerate and those that are not. This also means I can focus on the bigger projects that require my attention like repairs and whatnot. Why am I telling you this? Well b/c I feel like the beginning of this Blog should bring you up to speed on what Old Man Winter means for us, but also so theres a starting point for you to lift off from..and lets face it the less I have to explain later means the more time for me to play with my Star Wars toys and Gi-Joes.

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