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Thursday, December 30, 2010

If you give me Vicodin make sure it works...

So the Guardian newspaper has given me a bit of a headache with this article:

But I am very glad that George R showed me it.

I feel the the need to address some of the issues she brings up... in the form of a letter.

Dear Laura Barnett,

I find your article closed minded, despite your effort to be open to the experience, you are clearly unable to allow yourself to see why so many people find it beautiful and empowering. You even make a statement saying that even the performers don't enjoy it.

"But her performance was excruciating. She looked embarrassed (I could see her goose pimples), and most of the women in the audience looked embarrassed, while most of the men seemed to be politely averting their eyes."

Listen Laura, If she didn't enjoy it she wouldn't have done it. Its not like someone held a gun to her head and said take off your clothes. She had a clearly rehearsed routine, she put time and effort into it. Goose pimples could have been because she was cold (she wasn't wearing any clothes, hello) or possibly a little nervous (many performers get nervous). And how can you speak for "most" of the men and women in the audience?

Another quote from our dear friend Laura's article:

"What, I thought, is the difference between sitting here watching her, and sitting in a so-called "gentleman's club" while a Day-Glo-tanned stripper thrusts her stocking-tops in my face?"

The difference? The difference is intention. Not that I have a problem with Day-Glo strippers, quite the opposite. I think they are often talented and brave women who put themselves forward to society as sex objects. They literally bare all, and yes the intention is for men to desire them. They want men to desire them so much that they are willing to pay money. But Burlesque is about the art of Tease. Its about revisiting a different era. Yes its becoming 'trendy' but its not Day-Glo stripping. They don't wait for men to put one dollar bills in their panties, its not about the money, its about the beauty AND the empowerment.

Yes, I believe its empowering. Yes I believe its beautiful. Yes I think you are an idiot.

Love Always,


Here is some better judgment from the Guardian:

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