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Friday, December 24, 2010

Musical maps took me down Bob Dylan way

As I spent hours the last two day's watching the Scorsese Bob Dylan documentary "No Direction Home", I waded in a question that I believe will one day be a genuine and important context of human history. Every day, much like babies of all species, songs are being born. Whether it be Bob Dylan or America's new penchant for auto-tune, African Tribal music or yodeling it's abundant and transformational beyond dispute. It's also no secret that music often reflects its social climate. What would the history of humans be as told by our musical history? And how quickly is music changing in response to the dramatic change in the speed of human evolution? What would be the defining music of your generation (in your region) and what do you think it says about the cultural and political climate of that time? I admit with mixed levels of shame, I rocked Britney Spears in my life time, briefly in my late adolescence, and luckily with minimal damage. I now ten years later look back at that time and feel that perhaps that new-age, bubble gum pop that I nearly feel the need to burn in repentance became suddenly popular was influenced by the desire to shake off the political climate of the early 1990's, along with the recent transition into a more liberal Clinton era. Boosted by the release of tension as Y2K breathed over us just enough to make burgeoning computer dependent society tremble. As an artist I've always dreamt of creating an audio video piece documenting such an artistic yet historical portrayal of human history. One event could change the sounds of the music that drove the people of a nation for often decades or even centuries to come. Drawing the landscape in that manner would not only be change from traditional learning but would likely also reveal patterns in the human psychology. Such an undertaking would take so many hours of research, video-editing, musical permissions and or licensing that it will probably long stay in my visionary projects folder with the "Yeah Right" as said by Dan Deacon audio clip icon duo .

I also wonder what music will become as we race towards the singularity. With electronics and computers mostly dominating modern civilization, being available even in less modernized societies what with America's demand for electronics, will we see a notable change nearly world wide? It's hard to decipher what is natural evolution when we know so much more about other animals evolution then our own more psychologically and emotional based one. Would super-intellegent life, one that far surpasses us, also make music? I again, both as a human attached to the notion but also one aware of the overwhelming scientific evidence for math in music and music in math, I personally think yes. But perhaps it's just one of many, many options available for evolution to recreate it's self in a creative manner in which aids in guiding emotionally intelligent beings. Could there be something comparable to music that we don't even know about? How amazing are the possibilities? Our dear Universe is so abundant with unknowns you could fill a life time of new places, with new beings for every day of your life. And yet here we stand and fight over gay rights and internet censorship, cheering over songs of every country drowned out by American Idol. I'm ready for a musical revolution. Really. F*ck you Backstreet Boys. F*ck you. Oh and also you Paris Hilton. Fuck you.

Certainly many have found inspiration in Bob Dylan, tonight I thank him for this one.

As always, be well, be nice and make some fucking art. Or bring me a burrito. That's all I really want for Christmas.

<3 Lish

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