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Friday, December 17, 2010

" all these lil steps eventually add up to distance"- a wise man once said

Figured I'd give ya a few pics of the days of yesteryear. I believe we were one of the first to bring JC Aerialists and since then have incorporated, dueling aerialists, fire dancers, Burlesque performances, rock shows etc; to many of our exhibitions and events either here at 660 or outside venues.

Now that we got yer attention, you should focus on some of our Art.We got John Ruddy, Nyugen Smith, Mark Finne and Yusef Uno pimpin their works in here 24/7 and Bands like Jack Parson Moon Child whom were born here, while Thomas Francis Takes his Chances are like the sons and daughters I illegitemately fathered coming back to me in a thunderstorm of instruments and alcohol. Ryan Iozia is new to our building but not the scene, he was a regular performer at Cris Nyne's "Hominid Party". Cris still holds it down here working on projects like "Hominid" a collabo with M.Tarlazzi from TFTHC and the soon to debut "Gience of Sci-ants" (Cris, Lish and I) in the street theater styled performance that Vogel and I are working on. Stay tuned-Its gonna be weird.


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