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Monday, December 20, 2010

Corporate Bullshit

I'm sat at my desk in the office I work in, and I haven't been in the loft for almost three days, and it really just occurred to me that most everything these days is bullshit. We live in a fucking world where everything is mass produced and completely unoriginal an it sucks. There are people out there fighting to do what they love and make something new, sometimes they get that spark for life early on and sometimes it takes a whole lifetime before they embrace their potential. So I wanted to recognize some people I know who do their thing despite all the odds.

First, this bunch of kids from across the pond who have been making music for years and they're still pretty damn young. They're called The Targets and you should check them out if you get a chance. They have great things ahead of them.

Second is a bunch of crazies I went to Uni with called The Animals of Butter Bridge. They are constantly creating performances that are seriously amazing. If you are able to see them at a theatre festival or if they tour, do it.

And my last shoutout of this post is going to the beautiful and insane Jo Cassidy. Shes a tornado of talent and creativity. I think she has a blog, but I cant find it. So I'm just gonna say to her keep on keeping on. She will be a name you will see on a poster one day (whether it's for a movie or a wanted poster, she'll be there).

Sooo that was a bit of a UK lovefest for me. Most of these people I havent spoken to in over a year. But my office based morose is slowly fading away at the thought of those who stick two fingers (or one if you're in the US) up to whats 'the norm'.


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