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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The 660 Blog by RockSoup Studios

This blog will be the evidence, chronicle-izing the doings and beings AND the undoings of the beings within the walls of 660 Grand st; an Arts compound,castle in the slums of Jersey City, nestled right in between the squalor of J.C's past and the early signs of it's gentrification . Many of you who will follow have been to 660 at a party or event, but there's more to 660 then the drunken mayhem you may think were up to. We're a band of extremophile's, coexisting in a space built by the artists that work within it. We love it here and if we ever have to leave, we hope we leave having made a good impression on this city.

Winter's here mean you have to be resilient mentally and physically or atleast be too impaired to make decisions that protect your health. Were beginning this Blog now after 7yrs on Grand st for a few reasons; to chronicle the daily fight we have to stay positive in frigid temperatures, to fill people in on what actually happens within these walls- beyond debauchery and decadence, to highlight some of our artistic endeavors and serve as a diary of our time here when so many of J.C's grassroots arts facilities are moving out or being stunted. Hopefully this sheds some light on who we are and what we do....ya never know when someone may declare you as a "public nuisance".



  1. One of my favorite memories at 660 is reading a poem I had written out loud, while my dancer friend Monica did a modern dance that flowed beautifully with my words. So many beautiful memories filled with painting, dance, music and just plain art in that space! Always in my heart.

  2. I am not a stranger to the cold at 660 and give mad props to you guys sticking out yet another winter, especially to John, for your years of dedication. You've braved it out each year, but each year it becomes more amazing. Every time I come visit, I get to meet new artists, musicians, actors, photographers etc. that have over the years left their markings. When I heard of this blog I rummaged through all my old photos of 660. Some going back to when it was a bare vacant building. I helped shoot a movie there, saw countless exhibits and fashion shows, and got to celebrate Halloween in the best setting! Keep up all the amazing art and building! I will be back soon to leave my marking!!