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Monday, December 27, 2010

Aliens ARE robots ?Either way they stole my house and ate my baby.

If ALIENS are more intelligent lifeforms..and our intelligence is headed towards A.I then wouldnt the lifeform that lands on our planet be some form of hybrid species built specifically to recon Earth?

If an advanced species from another planet that travels via craft and has a humanoid construction were to visit Earth it would make more sense to use expendable lifeforms rather then the way we currently use our best and brightest Astronauts to go into space/the unknown. The virtual option is the more intelligent/evolved option, and if these are advanced species...

Then again some theorists may say that what each organism on our planet actually is part of the Alien manufactured petri dish, chock full of organisms all designed to collect data and convert resources. Humans at the bottom of the work force ofcourse.
*Artwork from CANCO Lofts exhibition. "floating house"- fathom

1/18/11- I stumbled on this lil vid that talks about aliens sending "robots" to scout the earth. hmmm

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