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Monday, December 20, 2010

Project 001 Gallery- Angry Russians & Mango Mimosa brunches.

I dont have a pic of 001 Gallery-but if you do send it on over. I lost alot of pics from those days. As the story goes I walked passed an empty storefront on Erie and 8th st in the Hamilton Park area of JC. I contacted the owner about hanging some art on on the walls while he awaited a proper tenant for the since defunct restaurant. He suggested I open a gallery if he gave me a good price on the space. I contacted friends and co-conspirers John Ruddy, Garfield Hall and Nyugen Smith and we took a shot at our first large scale project. Project 001 Gallery.

We lasted about 5 months, hosting art events, live music, brunches as well as hosted Author James Legrand and even started our own newsletter. We could'nt keep up with the rent on art sales alone, so decided to close the doors. While having that meeting a lone poet walked in and asked if we'd be interested in hosting a spoken word event. He dropped some lyrics on us right then and there and Garfield and I decided then we had to keep the space open. Special thanx to all of you who helped us with those events and Brunches like Jade, Christina, Aubrey and Maggie and many others. That man who walked in and inspired us to stay open another few months is the other maniac in this picture and is now a staple here at 660 Grand. He literally walked into our life and in essence changed everything.

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