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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tom Waits, burrito bikes and mean green monsters.

Tom Waits is haunting me. He's not even dead, but his music follows me everywhere and matches my mood no matter where I go. He keeps askin "what's he building in there"?

Then theres last nights dream which had me I riding around on a bicycle that had burrito pedals and I had to kill a lifesized He-man figure, (that I've never actually seen in real life), by slicing all of his tendons and rendering him physically inept. Saved humanity I think. Must have, That dude was mean lookin.

Oh I almost forgot to mention-I got me a show at Porto Lounge tonite! If you like art as much as ramblings.
*NEWS FLASH* THIS PIECE SOLD! Thanx to everyone for comin out and supporting the work. Have a great time!

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