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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sarah Palin and Hitler

Today I went to the Guggenheim to see the exhibition Chaos and Classicism. I enjoyed myself but I wasn't terribly moved. I wanted more chaos. I understand that the classicism came out of the chaos of war but it left me wanting. I guess I expected it to be something it was not.

I very much enjoyed the beginning, Otto Dix’s Der Krieg. It was grotesque and moving, I saw beauty in death and despair. I was excited for the rest of the exhibition. I moved through the rest of the art with the aid of my audio guide, was scolded by the 'art police' for leaning too close to a Le Corbusier model, and generally took in all that was around me.

Towards the end of the exhibition there is a short film by Leni Riefenstahl, a female director whose I am very familiar with, and I was disheartened to see that they glossed over her work as mere propaganda fueled by Hitler. Yes, it was propaganda, but it was shot beautifully. There was no mention of its value as a film in itself. The writing on the wall casually mentions Riefenstahl as 'Hitler's friend' which is a shame because there was a much deeper reason for her ties to Hitler (as there was with anyone and Hitler at that time).

This kind of leads me into my next train of thought: my sister had noted a quote on the wall about Hitler wanting to return to a older time, a time that had different (better) values. He likened his people as similar to the greeks. (I wish I had noted this actual quote down). His whole idea of an older, better time (my sister noted) sounded a lot like the claims of this Tea Party Movement. I am not saying that anyone involved with the Tea Party Movement is in any way acting in a way that is similar to Nazi's, I am saying Politicians need to be careful what they put forward as their campaign. You would hope that people are smart enough to avoid saying something that sounds strikingly similar to Hitler... but then again its hard to have faith in our political leaders these days.

I am not a fan of Sarah Palin, nor am I a fan of Hitler... but I think the two would get along fine.

Have a look at the exhibition video, then go see it in person.


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  1. Your statement about politicians needing to be careful about what they put forward has even more meaning now after Congresswoman Giffordss shooting.

    I've never been a fan of Sarah Palin, just less than happy with her general ignorance. However after putting people on a "target list" (link below) and having one of those people actually shot I'm seriously mad. Public figures need to understand the responsibility they have, ignorance is no excuse for the loss of life today.

    -Vogel's sister