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Monday, January 10, 2011

Artists- Self indulgence can lead to selfishness.

I've been managing my building for 8 winters now. I started off with just the 2nd floor which has 6 private studios. I managed just that floor for 5yrs and have had the other 2 floors for about 3yrs now. With so many studios, Ive seen many people come and go and have observed the full spectrum of self destructive & self indulgent personalities. With artists everything is always a little bigger and alot more dramatic.

I grew up in Queens and for much of my life was the only person I knew serious about art. It wasn't until I moved to JC that I began intermingling with groups of artists and until I took over my building I certainly didn't have to depend on any of them for anything. Artists are wild cards. They can be hyper sensitive, but they can also be the most open-minded and positive people you'll meet. For those that decide to pursue art as their career;they have a tall mountain to climb against many obstacles. It's this piece of reality that tests them and requires their best to ensure survival, but not many give it their best. For those that don't do their due diligence, their chances at survival become lessened and when that happens they find themselves forced to watch out for numero uno. It's in these moments that you witness their self indulgence turn into selfishness. They abandon responsibilities, point fingers, withdraw from communicating and convince themselves it's the outside forces trying to get them. They can make you the enemy or just consider you collateral damage of some unavoidable catastrophe. It was unavoidable...but their self indulgence blocked their view.

You can't make clear decisions if your looking through foggy glasses. Artists intentionally fog up their lens's for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes it's to inspire, other times to forget, but either way the lens is fogged. I see selfish behavior all around me. Who doesn't?! Shit, I'm an artist too, I have my self destructive behaviors. My student loans keep getting deferred, but my belly demands winter lagers to fight off the cold!

Indulgence feels good. Selfishness can serve a purpose at times, but if your not doing right by the people that look out for you, you will be on the receiving end one day and suffer the wrath of being slighted. It doesn't feel good, but most of all it sours peoples perception of you once you've slighted them. If your an artist or maybe a drama queen, be selfish by being selfless more often, it actually will help you more then you think, and that's what it's all about isn't it?
It's all about you.

* Photo of the "Fathom Girls" a promotional point of self indulgence at its best.


  1. That is, as they say, what I am talking about.

  2. I think people who have experienced pain or stress are primed for self-indulgence and selfishness. It's a matter of resources, and when people start to run on empty, they look to refuel. Often at the expense of responsibilities and thoughtfulness of others. States of poverty, spiritual, financial, emotional, creative, bring out the worst, and sometimes even the best, in people. Good points Fathom! :) Heather