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Monday, January 24, 2011

The dull blade: first punk, now fetish.

Ahhh the good ol days: Back when bad was bad and good was good. Now it seems that bad is good and good is just a game of roleplay. It used to be that people would gasp at the word fetish, which brought on images of men worshipping women's feet, women being paddled & spanked or men being humiliated in womens undergarments.. Fetish clubs were underground, peoples sexuality hidden. These days fetish is no different then regular pornography, often having a category on any mainstream porn site, right between "female friendly" and "fisting".

Don't get me wrong, the acceptance of dominance, fetish and pornography in general is positive jump for society collectively, but what comes of a fetish when it's so easily accepted? I would argue the edge is dulled down and soon after a newer, darker, more foreign fetish will arise in it's place. I'm certain it already has and when dark fetishes become easily found and imitated by unknowledgeable/irresponsible perpetrators theres alot of opportunity for people to be hurt, but lets try to focus instead just on the watering down of the idea of "fetish"... When every girl owns a school girl outfit, and every guy has had hot candle wax dripped on his genitals...whats next?
Guess I'm a tad conservative. I know the arguements...ofcourse Im happy that you and your lover engage in regular romps of public indecency and couple swapping. I know it's safer for women and the bondage gear and the manners of torture/humiliation have gotten way more creative, but tattoo removal can now be done at home, and fetish clothing can be purchased at Spencers Gifts! Just like the watering down and eventual demise of punk music, its only a matter of time before the guys with lizard tongues and horn implants become the next batch of mainstream proud eccentric fetish folk.

It's ok , Im not mad, and I'm not gonna take your latex away from you, I just hope this is a knife that can be resharpened year after year or pretty soon yer mom will buy you a ball gag as a gag gift on your birthday that she picked up off a street vendor on her way to church. BTW if your in yer late teens or early 20's....yer parents are even bigger freaks than you.
Yikes. Check out the ultra lame Rihanna video where she pretends to be into fetish/dominanace. Fake ass watered down pop versions of fetish.-

*pic from: freedom of fetish

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