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Friday, January 28, 2011

Kickin it old school with Mistress of Burlesque Ms. Melody Sweets.

JF- I first saw Melody perform in the back room of the 58 Gallery here in J.C. It was for local Artist Rob Piersanti's opening. I was blown away by her voice and the diverse cast of Burlesque performers she came through with that night. I remember keeping her card with hopes we'd be able to hire her down the line for one of our events.

Hearing your voice the first time was like jumping in a time machine to the days of old Hollywood or the prohibition night clubs.

- How long have you been singing?
MS- Wow, the 58 Gallery! That feels so long ago. . I've been singing for almost 10 years now but only 5 of them professionally.

JF. When did you decide that Burlesque was the vehicle for your voice and your artistic expression?
MS.I didn't decide! Burlesque decided it for me. I was in a band called GOODFINGER ( & we decided to take a break from playing live shows in order to concentrate on the recording of our debut album... I really love to perform & missed the stage so when a friend asked me to be a part of his burlesque show, I wrote my first song to take my clothes of to, Slice of Heaven & the rest is herstory! :)
What was the draw? It was simple. I could keep singing. I also love the creative process of it all. I get to write music, work with musicians, record, come up with a concept for an act, design & make the costume, choreography... it's fabulous. It's alot of work, but it's still fabulous. :)

JF- Your act includes a variety of other dancers as well as elaborate props and even silver body paint with a futuristic element. Do you decide the themes of your performances or is it a collaboritive process between you and the performers.?
MS- I'll come up with the theme, etc., but anyone I work with, if they have a suggestion that makes it better, I'm all for it.

JF- You perform regularly at Duane Park and recently were part of the Dos Equis- Most Interesting Man's party. Which do you prefer, the smaller venues or the big elaborate events?
MS-I love them both, but I LOVE the big elaborate events. The smaller events are a really great way to showcase burlesque. It's more intimate this way & easier for the burlesque performer to connect with her audience.

JF- I've noticed that Pin-Up and Burlesque is really seeing a resurgence these days, especially in the tattoo world. What do you think has invigorated this reemergence?
MS- Hot babes.

JF-The music you sing may not be the same type of stuff you listen to, what sort of music are you listening to these days?
MS-I"m all over the place! I love jazz, reggae, classical... some of my favorites are Nina Simone, Bob Marley, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Edith Piaf, Blondie... I can go on for days..

JF- How about art? Any type of visual art do it for you?
MS-Yes, there's this artist John Fathom who's art I'm quite fond of. ;)
Also, artists like Kala Mandrake, Henry Horenstein, Steve Ellis & Luma Rouge are all wonderful artists that blow me away...

JF- ha your too kind. I have to warn you, I am VERY susceptible to flattery. I know you recently cut an album where can people hear/ buy it and what is the mood behind this one?
MS-We have ONE more song to record! It should be out this spring... I'm more than over-excited to release it! It features some phenomenal musicians: The Dap Kings (Amy Winehouse, Sharon Jones), Jesse Elder, Scott Tixier & more..
& John, you know I'll alert the masses once it drops! xoxo

Please do, it would be our pleasure to spread the word!
Thanx Melody!

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