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Sunday, August 21, 2011


"AND GOD MADE MAN IN HIS IMAGE"...........or was it the other way around?
Haven't we seen more proof of MAN making GOD in his image?? The books are edited and doctored, the images and icons hijacked, the ethics are compromised and intentionally confusing. Its these questions that guide my next show.

For my next solo show debuting October 4th at LITM in Jersey City titled "GOD MUSE OR MONSTER" I focus on my first great Muse-the fundamental laws for which have been inspiring me for years. Ideas like opposition, identity, freedom, sacrifice and perception. I discuss this Muse of mine more in depth in my previous post if you're interested, but the show also delves into the danger of believing too firmly in our chosen interpretations and inspirations, as these can often lead us down some dangerous roads. Treating our Muses like Gods & our Gods like Muses can inadvertently create Monsters.

"GOD MUSE OR MONSTER" asks us to pay attention to how we honor the Muses, Monsters and Gods of our life. Veneration, reverence, symmetry and opposition are some of the themes focused on in this show. In the case with the terms God, Muse and Monster we find that these themes are often used interchangeably and when they are..the results can sometimes be detrimental.
In cases like these I ask these questions;
- Can spirituality & Religion maintain any vestige of truth when we can pick and choose which virtues we will honor with the passing of a Pope, a President,or the Wind.?
-Is there really a difference between a God or Monster when man's interpretation of God's will has separated it from virtue and aligned it with dominance and power?
- If God is your Muse and you behave without Virtue, are you the Monster or was that God speaking through you?
- If we worship our Muse like a God, is there a difference?

I will close with one statement for those believers who will see my work as an attempt at discrediting their faith; I do believe in GOD, this is merely my way of fine tuning my approach at distinguishing the difference between that which is contrived and that which is "real". I'm a neo-nomadic pilgrim paying homage to the God that blesses my travels and guides my ethos.
- Fathom

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