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Monday, August 1, 2011

Get back in yer studio or suffer the walk of shame.

I was doin good. I really was. I booked the show, bought materials, did a sketch of the interior, planned the number of works for the show, and started sketching out some ideas; I NEVER SKETCH! Hell I even went as far as to hire a sketch artist to do a full rendering skecth of the venue so I can kill two birds with one stone. 1. get resource material to work with and 2. own a piece of art from a local artist. I felt I was well on my way. I've already began a number of pieces and put together a book outlining all the potential works that will be included in the show and even ordered the blank pizza boxes(don't ask) for the promotional end of the show. But then something happened...
dramatic pause
...a typical weekend in Jersey City is what happened. Somehow even though I'm trying to watch my spending I still managed to find myself downtown having the drinx and celebrating with the artists and scenesters of downtown JC. Sure there were good reasons for all the fun & debauchery, but if you tally up the 2 days out + a day of recupe inbetween + a day on the back end where nuthin gets done = you got yerself 4 days of nuthin!! BUT thas not all....then you gotta do the CSI shit and figure out that you ALSO didn't do didley the two days before this debacle which is a new total= 6 days of no real studio time!! That's unacceptable.

Sure I went through there, said hi. Had a drink, thumbed thru the sketches, but what progress was really done? In the end I still found myself shuffling downstairs to visit my studio, which felt like an old abandoned house that had all the signs that life once existed there but hasn't since I just stepped into it. Objects become artifacts; An old dirty plate and crusty fork, some empty beer cans, art materials left out on the floor and a pile of puppy shit because lil charlie figured out I hadn't been back there in days. Nice.

I did the walk of shame this morning and apologized to my old abandoned studio. I admitted that I'm a fukkup and will try harder next time, but she looked at me like she always does- like she knows I'll do it again, like she loves me anyway.

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  1. We all have rituals....yours is.... after a night of drinking & debauchery, you need 6 days to get your passion back in gear....that's what makes you, you....stop being hard on yourself...You can't punish yourself into change....embrace it and if you have deadline....don't drink 6 days before it...