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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tryin to save Facebook (from the outside)

YODA- Thinking this will work do you?
Fathom- It's worth a try old man.

Yoda- full of anger these people are, you can't just remove the HATE essence from Facebook and end their suffering.
Fathom- Aren't you the one that said "Hate leads to SUFFERING"?? This is our only choice. I'm not going back in Yoda. .. I can't.

Yoda- Persistent you are. Agree with your methods I do not, but you're right...Hope these people need, or anger will spread.

Fathom- I got out just in time my pointy eared pal. It's just not the same, people are mean, angry and miserable. Facebook's privacy policy is garbage and all these porn-bots and pop up windows are making people crazy!! Googleplus has already begun taking over Yoda...people are evacuating.....we have to move fast, or I fear there won't be a Facebook worth saving!!

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