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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

RockSoup Radio comin soon??!

Well radio stations are kinda a thing of the past, but we hope to get some funds together and begin hosting a bi weekly program called The Greenhouse Gallery which will be in podcast format and available right here on our 660 blog.

The 5W's boil down to this; Cris Nyne and I would co-host a 1/2 hr program recorded here at 660 Grand that focuses on the arts and news here in Jersey City. Artist interviews as well as lively commentary on the issues effecting us in a fast growing city with a history of uprooting or undermining it's artists.

1st episode introduces you to us via an interview by our producer Tiffany Camhi, a fellow 660'er. Stay tuned by following our blog and spreading the word.

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  1. You left out one of the W's...when??? I absolutely love that group photo. Lots of love to everyone,