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Friday, July 29, 2011

Ideas don't have feelings {Philosophy Break}

I don't have much capacity for information, just ideas.
I'm horrible at remembering names, or even places I visited on vacation. I don't know band names, am horrible at math and even worse at pointing out a place on a map, but it doesn't stop there. I also noticed a while back that people tended to have much more passion in their recollection of events then I did. I would live the event with passion, but my memory of it was more detached. I wish I could say it's because I am soo present in the moment and that's all there is for me, but I'm sure that's not the case. It's probably because I don't give the past as much credence as the future. When discussing the past, especially where people are involved you will find that they will always bring with them all their past experiences, insecurities, judgments etc;

I've been working at broadening my perspective a bit and as a result I tend to have even less feelings connected to my memories. Some of you may think this is a bad thing, but really it's not.It's not like you become a cold blooded lizard, you just observe from a different perspective.

When a situation transpires it's significance is different for every person involved, but that's not where it ends; then there are those inevitable dramatic re-tellings of the story and the memories of it thereafter. You have the new feelings dry-humping the old feelings into submission. The old feelings concede again and again, in essence changing history. Then ofcourse you have "her feelings". If you find yourself in a situation that involves her feelings you should know that her feelings will always be more important than yours. That is a fact you can not escape. ;)

I say focus on IDEAS because how could anyone's memory stand a chance against someone else's feelings?

Ideas wait for you at the door and ask you to demand more from THEM, meanwhile memories will always demand more from YOU. Ideas don't have feelings, but LOVE THAT WE DO! In fact ideas ask that you bring your passion to the table whenever you meet. Ideas are more powerful then memories or feelings or even people. They can be cultivated, corrupted, capitalized on or bring great consequences. My favorite kinds of ideas keep me up at night. I love all kinds of ideas, from inventions to policy, but the ones I love most are the pure and intangible kind. The big ideas that may have no answer. The sort of ideas that people ask "why do you bother or care"?.

I bother because they are always there waiting for me. They want me to care. They let me pick up where I left off, and if my memory fails me, I get to experience the sensation of rediscovery without consequence. They expose me to even more ideas and with every new idea more feelings are evoked. Not the type of feelings that cloud memory or judgment, the sort of feelings that invigorate and embolden. The good kind. So that's why I bother because it's so much fun and besides, they're expecting me.

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