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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oscar the Grouch-The orgin story.

Last nite I had many strange dreams. Usually my dreams are adventurous and I get to utilize one of my superpowers like flying, floating, long-jumping, levitating, multiplication, multiple perspective or dream suggestion. On this particular evening I had a series of strange story telling dreams. I only can recall a portion of 2 of the dreams like how in the 1st one I appeared as a character in The Wizard of Oz, but my character wasn't from the original screenplay it was a new character...The Steel Plated Shark. Yes, the steel plated shark boasts an entire head plated and riveted in steel while the rest of it's form is left unchanged. I swam through the air and was fearless. That's all I recall from the dream, but the significance is pretty clear. I put sharks up their with my most feared of creatures on earth. They are perfect cold killing machines and I have 0% interest in ever meeting one in person. To steel plate the head of the shark makes it even more powerful so I guess I fashioned myself as unstoppable in this dream although I would normally never liken myself to a shark- too many negative connotations to bad businessmen,.In any case. After having witnessed myself as a shark in this Oz dream I used my power of suggestion and asked myself to take a stab at Sesame Street. The result was the orgin story of OSCAR THE GROUCH.

I thought briefly of Harry Potter and all the films coming out these days and how the orgin story is everyone's favorite. Oscar was always my favorite..although I did like Ernie too. lol. As the story went it showed Oscar as a young apprentice to a powerful sorcerer of Sesame Streets underworld. A world very few, if any even knew of. The young Oscar was tall lean and brightly colored green. He was a bright student whom worked his way up to the esteemed position of apprentice to the sorcerer of sesame street. His role would later become to hold and maintain the position of permanent guardian to the underworld. The underworld is accessible through various portal & chambers, but mainly through Oscars garbage can. The sorcerer put Oscar in this position when he prepared for the incantation and coming of "The BIG Bird".
The big bird was necessary...perhaps as some guardian and protector of the upper-world known as "Sesame Street"- Perhaps to balance some equation?

Oscars grouchiness was no coincidence either. Many might suppose that Oscar's demeanor had to do with some sort of frustration with people or with his position as permanent guardian of the filthy underworld, however it was decided that Oscar would be rude and grouchy as to prevent any interest in the underworld and what lurks beneath the garbage/ sewage of their Sesame City. The idea being; if every time you thought of such things you would think of mean old Oscar= that would kill any curiosity or interest you'd have in the Sesame underworld.

There you have it. Oscar's orgin story. Lets make a movie.


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