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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Figure Drawing... a collaboration

I model for figure drawing classes as often as possible. There are a lot of great opportunities here on this side of the Hudson to attend sessions as an artist. I'm lucky enough to work with Paul Vincent Studios as well as Jersey City Art School

I've always modeled because I love the arts and I can't draw very well. It's what I do to be a part of art, and I guess there's a little vanity thrown in there (it is both humbling and elating to have someone draw you). This whole notion of being a part of art brought me to a discussion the other day, the artist I was working with said that a piece of art that came about from a figure drawing session was a collaboration between the model and artist. This statement changed my mind about what I actually do when I stand still for so long. Rather than thinking that I'm inspiring art, I'd like to think I'm collaborating on it.

(Drawing on wood done by Virginia Kamenitzer)



  1. And we love your contributions!

    There's a really good book on artist/model collaboration from the perspective of figure drawing classes and workshops. It's called "The Undressed Art" and it delves into many of the philosophical reasons artists draw and models model. It's a pretty down-to-earth read; not too academic and not to flowery.

  2. Yeah! Well said