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Sunday, September 4, 2011

GOD MUSE MONSTER- Art exhibition/solo show

GOD MUSE MONSTER- new works by John Fathom

A solo exhibition exploring veneration and idolatry as well as the fine line that exists between Gods & Monsters when the actions of man are inspired by GOD. The work is expressed through a variety of mediums including the dynamic light box paintings Fathom is known for, but also utilizes silkscreen works, and toy sculptures as well.

GOD MUSE MONSTER is my attempt at shifting the focus from Idolatry towards honoring the fundamental general laws that seem to guide our Universe. The bizarreness of nature being my muse and the universal laws manifesting themselves in all aspects of reality, gracing our paths and guiding our ethos..

Where- LITM
140 Newark Avenue, Downtown Jersey City, NJ 07302
From Brooklyn or NYC- L to 14th street PATH train to GROVE ST. Walk one block down Newark ave to 140 Newark. ENJOY!!

Tel. 201.536.5557

Cowboys & Indians; Vice Versa
Bisons & Bosons
Collision & Collusion

The tree fell
Star flower child

THEMES: God, Muse, Monster, contraction/expansion, Opposition, symmetry, veneration, reverence, honor, folklore,alignment, time, perspective, conquest, creation, beliefs, power, general laws, timeless principles, general nature of things.

**I will close with one statement for those believers who will see my work as an attempt at discrediting their faith; I do believe in GOD, this is merely my way of fine tuning my approach at distinguishing the difference between that which is contrived and that which is "real". I'm a neo-nomadic pilgrim paying homage to the God that blesses my travels and guides my ethos.
- Fathom

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