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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I wish I had payed attention in typing class

I've been pretty busy transcribing interviews lately, and I have never wished more that i knew how to type properly because it takes me fucking ages. I remember as a child thinking 'Why would I pay attention to this bullshit? Only secretaries need to know how to type properly and I have higher expectations for myself in life.' (thats ironic because I am pretty much a glorified secretary right now) But now I realize I do need to know how to type... all of this verbatim theatre requires more organization skills than I ever knew, especially when I don't have a team to do all the shit I don't want to do (like transcribe). Just today, I overheard a teenager in the doctors office telling her father that she was going to skip typing class because it was stupid, and I wanted to scream 'NO! THATS GOING TO MAKE YOU MONEY SOMEDAY BECAUSE YOU MIGHT END UP LIKE A LOWLY SECRETARY LIKE ME OR YOU MIGHT FIND OUT IT WILL HELP YOUR REAL CAREER!' But I didn't, she will have to learn the hard way like I did.

I also wish I knew shorthand, that would come in handy... so if anyone like to type come find me and help me out, or if you know shorthand and want to teach me that would rock too.

Time to get back to typing transcripts...


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