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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Festival Bound

So I was thinking today, normal people spend their whole lives paying bills and trying to keep up with the man. I say fuck the man, at least now and then. We are on this green earth for such a short period of time, why work so hard for other people? Why spend all your waking hours behind a desk so you can what... pay all the money you make to someone else? I quote 'Waking Life' (which is a fucking awesome film).

"Its bad enough that they steal your waking life for minimum wage, but now they get your dreams for free"

How true, sure I'll do what I have to to pay my bills, but now and then I want to spend money I don't have on fun. Hence my decision to go to Bonnaroo this year. I wanna car full of crazy creative types, I want our tent to be covered in paintings and art, I want people to tell their friends when they go home about us.

So I have 4 seats in a car I'm taking down. Please if you're reading this, know that you are invited to join me. The more people we get the better, I'm all about community.


This year its June 9th to the 12th... join me, you'll love it I promise.


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