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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Understanding & perspective. {Philosophy Break}

* closeup of one of my paintings titled "Make room for change" currently in private collection.

I talk an awful lot about perspective. If anything my fascination borders on obsession because as long as there are obstacles to overcome I am reminded that perspective changes everything. Wayne Dyer has a book, which I believe is called Change your mind, Change your life and a friend recently stated; "If you can't change your circumstances, change your perspective". I agree with both sentiments and 'understanding' is the key to getting anywhere with broadening your perspective.
Perspective and opinion are not exactly the same thing although they are closely related. We come to an opinion based on our perspective on any given situation or subject and those opinions determine the course of our life. Personally I find that having a regular self check is crucial in maintaining and evolving a healthy perspective. You have to ask yourself; Am I being fair, Am I listening, Am I understanding, and do so often enough to be sure your opinions are even relevant The way to do that is to invite a few healthy standards into your perspective. Some of mine are; gratitude, foresight and acceptance. My self check usually starts with these because forgetting to be open minded and accepting can be why we're frustrated and forgetting to be grateful could be why we're feeling victimized. Acceptance is more about being in the present. "This is what is happening or has happened and I will deal with it from that point of acceptance and presence",. I know I'm starting to sound like a self help guru or life coach, or maybe that was 20 blog posts ago, but nevertheless one of the facets of my self check is to relay what I've experienced to others and see if it sticks. So if you're reading this, hopefully I don't have to ask you to bare with me while I explain further. ;)

All to often we find ourselves wasting time wallowing in self pity or aggrivation and discontent. This is something that often leads us down the bumpy roads we hate being down but cant seem to prevent..but we CAN prevent it with perspective and understanding. Its the key to a healthy mind and a healthy mind is key to a healthy body, healthy relationships etc; so rather then bitch about what makes us unhappy why not change from within? We are the only person we have the right to demand change from. If you aren't happy its gonna take more then a dash of assertiveness to generate a lasting solution, so don't justify why your in the situation your in with the ol "I tried, but" excuse. You don't do a few things out of character and if it doesn't work go back to feeling sorry for yourself and bitching bout your life or hating others. If your arguement is that there is nothing you can do, or that you've tried everything, then quite frankly I don't think you understand the situation you are in. You literally have to MAINTAIN a healthy system of perspective that reminds you when you could be upping your game and then commit yourself to doing so. In short, by taking this approach you not only make yourself a more responsible and enjoyable person to be around but you will be happier for it because you know that your the one responsible for your own happiness-noone else, not your lover, brother or mother..YOU.

Thas all for now.

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