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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why you should take the time to fill out 'THE REAL SURVEY'

When I wrote the real survey I did so in a late nite creative frenzy. The kind where your audacious enough to think whatever it is your doing is gonna change the world, when in retrospect all it really ever does is change you. It started because of the Facebook phenomenon that's taking over most of our lives. I don't have to recite the stats, you know them already; facebook owns yer pictures, they monitor your internet navigation,they save everything you ever do and they sell it all to the highest bidder. It's also impossible to close your account, one can only ever shut the door while it waits patiently for you to return.

We have staulkers and trolls, fans, friends and now subscribers too. We judge people quietly, we hide or block people we want to forget and we pretend that were always at our best, sure to untag our bad pics and copy clever quotes that we hope makes us seem interesting. That's just the tip of the iceberg, facebook has us by the balls by providing us a service we are desperate to have; an outlet for our vanity, our perversions and our banal interests that help waste the day away. So what does my survey have to do with facebook? Well it's a result really, a result of hearing a facebook related conversation atleast 3x a day or meeting someone out whom I do not know in person but am friends with on Facebook.

We don't give much thought to just how 'out there' we put ourselves when we engage in this sharing of information. Both willingly and unwillingly our everydays are cataloged and available for examination and not just by Big Brother, also by our alleged Facebook friends. So who are these people? Who are our 'friends' ? I know they really aren't my friends, but that's not really the point is it? The point is we have hundreds, if not thousands of people reading our posts, flipping through our lives and making judgments about us. When I post an update or share a link I see roughly the same 50 or so people 'liking' or commenting each day, so in my mind, these are my FB friends. These are the people I am talking to. The reality is hundreds of people are seeing it and for all you know you can be offending them or turning them on. It's a weird world out there and I didn't want to guess or suppose that most people who friend me think the same way I do. What does that artist in GA think of Obama? How does that banker in Baltimore feel about gay rights? Do I have any Republican friends? If I do, do they hate me? So I drafted up a list of basic questions that I felt were conversation starters, but also fundamental questions that could happen at any dinner party among friends whom are comfortable around eachother. We've given strangers so much freedom with our personal information, whats the harm in sharing a bit more and stating where we stand on subjects like Aliens, Government cover ups, bank bail outs and the end of the world.?

So I guess what I'm saying is you should take The Real Survey not just to satisfy my curiosity about who you are, but also to practice admitting where you stand on some interesting topics that you might keep talking about afterwards, either here on FB or among friends & strangers. Print it out if you want, email it to a friend. The results aren't just for me, they are for anyone interested in getting some reality outta this surreality we've endured since the dawn of the internet chatroom.

You can find the survey here on my blog. Copy paste it, respond in the comment section or make up yer own, I think its a better way to waste yer time, because there's only so many cute kitten videos you can watch before wondering if you've got a kitten fetish.


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