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Friday, January 6, 2012

"Brains, they'll eat anything", so watch what you feed em.

(This is written backwards...but i like it for some reason backwards, perhaps it suits it to be?)

-The two battle and dance and whilst they do- so do we and whence they don't,none shall be.

When there is nothing to exist, existance is summoned once again to balance the void.

Time forces things into position, force meets resistance everytime until it doesnt and when it doesnt, it ceases to exist.

Every second you grow you also decay.

Most of the beings that have EVER lived are now dead & will be dead muchhh longer then they EVER were alive.

if you were to pay attn to how much obvious decay was going on around you, if you'd have a better intuition as to when your time was up.

Being life & death are in essence; growth & decay, I wonder;

John Fathom

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