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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Theres got to be a better way to reach people then facebook. {Philosophy Break}

Seems like everyone I know is suffering in some way these days. Maybe it's just me, maybe people have been suffering in mass since the dawn of time and nothings changed. Maybe it isn't suffering but the awareness that something is missing. Even those whom I consider fairly upbeat people seem to have a weight on their shoulders that they are looking to let go of. I first noticed it after taking a lil break from hanging out downtown in the scene, going to openings, bars etc; I noticed that the way people were greeting me was different then the years before. In the past, things were very much on the surface, nothing too deep, nothing too personal. We'd have some drinx, shoot the shit, laugh and keep moving, but now people seemed as if they genuinely were looking for conversation and connection. I began to feel like I was being a shitty friend to a bunch of friends I didn't even know I had. I have to admit at first it felt like I was everyone's favorite dinner guest- but eventually I speculated that the truth may have more to do with how our shit economy/politics has awaken many of us to what is truly important and we want more then just the bullshit chit chat these days. I wasn't necessarily ignoring these kinds of interactions, I just didn't think they were all that feasible in the environments where we would typically see each other. BUT I can't deny that I've shut myself off from some good folks that I'd like to get to know better. Real artists, cool people and interesting characters with interesting stories and perspectives that I unfortunately only ever see out at an event.

It's this reason that I've decided to venture off into radio podcast interviews with some of the folks here in the JC scene. Maybe a lil at a time, one by one I can connect and get to know some of the personalities that I've crossed paths with over the years at parties and openings,but haven't had the chance to really sit down with and have a chat.

The interviews will be coming soon and a friend and fellow 660'er Ryan Iozia will be our host. Ryan is even more of a recluse then I, so he doesn't have all the years of interactions to taint his perspective on a potential guest. His questions will likely be right to the point in trying to get to know whomever we have in the Studio. Taylor Allred will be our engineer keeping things clean & funky for us. I hope you guys listen, because there are some great minds out there in this weird fucking city and if we can pick their brain for an hour and connect maybe we'll all feel a lil more connected to that creative source that fuels us, so we dont have to depend on the parties for our social fix.
BUT above all we are artists! There's got to be a better fuckin way to reach people then facebook!!

Below you will find the link to our introductory podcast with Ryan interviewing me.

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