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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

BE, DO, HAVE requires 2/3 stillness.

There is a mantra that my friend James Legrand quoted to me once : BE, DO, HAVE> As I understand it, it is the idea that first you must simply "BE". BE in the present at your most sincere and authentic self. As authentic as you can be in each moment at all times. Then the 2nd phase is "DO" the work necessary to fulfill your goal. "Have" means to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Take time to be grateful and ready to "be" present once more, this time from a more evolved state.

The idea is that 2 parts of that mantra require stillness. Only 1/3 is actual work work. But that 1/3 that is work requires focus and drive. If stillness is 2/3 of the process then why do we not relax more? Why don't we enjoy what we have, and through gratitude and presence set ourselves up for the next great obstacle. This time..Prepared. Ready.


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