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Monday, June 6, 2011

The Kit and Chantal Story

So this is a post about the rise of two great actresses (Myself and Chantal). You may have just seen us in Arthouse Production's comedy murder mystery 'MURDER ON ICE', you may just know of our awesomeness from personal experience. Either way, we are pretty fucking great.

First I will put some perspective on my decision to write about us. There were a couple articles written about our lovely show, one of which I was surprised to see was only really about one of the actors in our show and nothing else really. Now there is nothing wrong with that, I think everyone deserves a chance to shine, but I was honestly expecting it to be about THE SHOW. In fact, I was a little put out that the rest of the cast weren't really mentioned. There were 12 fabulous people in that show, not to mention the great production team. It was such a shock to have the piece that came out right before we opened not focus on getting the show out there; it was just selling one person. Not helpful, a little bit rude in my eyes. Just tell the rest of us that we don't count, right before we open.

So here is my retaliation, my dig at the other article (which I'm not even going to link to because I don’t think its worth it, cause sometimes I'm mean and rude when I feel put out. If you want to see it you can troll through the Jersey Journal website and look for Murder on Ice). This is all in good angry fun. The only way to fight the ridiculous is to be even more ridiculous, and I’m pretty damn good at it. Without further ado...

The Chantal and Kit Story!

The connection between these two actresses goes back further than you would expect. Their birthdays are almost a year apart, they only met very recently, but they are telepathically charged… they’re pretty much the same damn person!

They started their career in the womb; their first acting credit was birth. When asked why they chose acting as their career they quoted the Great Gaga:

“I was born this way”

When asked to comment on Chantal, Kit said:

“She channels Judy (Garland). We actually did a ritual to channel her, so not only is Chantal a brilliant actress, she’s a fantastic medium. Also we’re lovers… by the way. It’s a mental thing not a physical thing, although she is hot.”

We then asked Chantal about working with Kit. This is what she said:

“Kit killed me with her humor from the start. Ba Dum Dum (she actually made a drum roll noise). Originally slated to play the love interest, Kit and I had instant chemistry. However, shit got too real too fast and Jack and Christine were worried about jeopardizing the show. Therefore the role of Johnny-Bobby was born. We remain friends on the side.”

Arthouse was the perfect medium for these two rising stars to express their talent. They would have gotten quotes from all the other cast members, but their ego’s did not need inflating.


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