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Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Community in Motion

I had the pleasure of experiencing Insurgo Stage Project's "Art in Motion" on Friday night. It was an evening full of art in all its forms, poetry, visual, music, and movement. I went to support fellow Jersey City performance artist Avianna Perez in what I was sure to be a very successful pursuit and was introduced to so many more talented local artists. What struck me most was the need for more projects like this in the area.

When we sat down in 143 Columbus we were given three cards to fill out, they asked us questions and our answers were used later in the performance. The first of two pieces was called 'The Process of Yes.' 3 women clothed in white stood at the back of the stage area while projections of the city were cast over them, this opening was beautiful and strong. The piece then took us through exactly what the title told us: the process of yes.

The second performance was called 'The Stories We're Made Of" and this performance stole the whole evening for me. Maybe it was the fact that they had an accordion, and I do have a soft spot for anything accordion related. Or possibly that when they read out our answers mine was re-imagined in a hilarious way that was more apt than I knew when I initially wrote the words down. All I know is that when the second act started I immediately felt transported to another time and place. All the ladies moved wonderfully and it was refreshing to find such a strong male dancer in Jason Tseng. The poetry of Kathy Stout was phenomenal; she didn't just speak the words, she made you feel every one of them. When this woman speaks, you listen and I know that I will be looking out for her on the poetry scene in the area and you should be as well.

The whole evening was sponsored by Downtown Live and Grassroots Community Space. Chelo Mercado, Aviana Perez and Justin Woo produced the whole evening and I must say I hope they come together to produce another delightful event very soon.


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