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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Shameless Plug

I've been very busy working on a lovely piece of Independent theatre lately put on by Parlour Productions called 'The Family Jewels'. I'm gonna get the plug for the piece outa the way...

Saturday April 2nd at 8 pm and Sunday April 3rd at 7 pm
Located at 32 Jones Street (near Journal Square) Jersey City, NJ 07302
$15 donation, tickets online now!

Its a very elaborately staged reading because JC List (where we advertised) decided to collate all the small theatrical productions in the area that don't have the funding to produce them at large 'legit' venues, and send all of our details to the fire chief. The fire chief then shut us down, as well as a number of other small productions in the area. This leads me to the question: What the fuck JC List? You seriously made a conscience decision to NOT support small local theatre. Isn't that what JC List is about... getting community events out there? Being a message board for people in the area to communicate with each other? Apparently JC List is trying to kiss someone's ass high up there, or they are just complete wankers. Either way I'm not impressed.

Please do come support us, the proceeds go to Hudson Pride Connections Center, The LGBT Alliance of NJCU and the Times Squares Prom Committee.

I'll be there singing and acting away (if you want to see more of me I suggest sitting House left... ie the further side from the entrance)


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