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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dream Journal- The battle with the Devil for my soul

Last nites dream may have been due to the cold I'm getting, but either thru headcold hallucination or the internal battle for high ground my dream state was preoccupied with thoughts of Heaven and Hell.

The dream began with an ancient relic hanging on the wall of my childhood home in Queens. It was in two fractured parts and I think it was missing a piece. The relic began to heat up eventually falling to the ground and burning a hole right into the floor of the foyer. The hole grew to take up the entire area of the foyer and was covered in a white smoky mist. At first you couldn't see into the mist but we were wise enough to know it was hell down there. My dog jumped right in and I knew immediately he would be a hellhound from now on. Suiting for such a wild dog I suppose. The rest of us tried to to go out the back entrance being the front was no longer accessible but the back end of the house fractured and was looking like it was gonna be another entrance to hell, so we kicked out the window in my kitchen and jumped into my backyard.

I don't recall why we hung around at all, maybe you can't ignore such things but a few of my friends were with me and each day the mist became easier to see through. There was a stairwell leading down to another level, but that's all we could see. A lil at a time my friends began sneaking down there without telling me, they came and went as they pleased and although we all agreed it was indeed Hell, noone was afraid and infact they must have convinced eachother it was worth it, because it wasn't long before most of them had gone while I was out researching what to do about this.

Alicia had already gone down while I was away and the Devil temped Adam (Cris's brother)by saluting his hard work studying esoterism by giving him a missing word that would solve his quandry. The word was either Aquav, Aquiav, Aquais or something to that effect. Adam happily walked right on down the stairs and then the devil looked at me smiling as if to say 'I know I have something you want as well".
I rushed off to a neighborhood church and after asking for directions to the nearest one a stranger made sure to give me 2$ to put in the collection box, which I dropped but thanked him and hurried over. When I arrived I entered a room with a copper framed wall unit of marble shelves with glass doors. Behind the glass were green marble boxes of some sort of religeous relics. The priest knew why I was there and pulled out one of the boxes and presented me with a sword which looked to be made of porcelain but could have been ivory. He quickly drew his own sword and we began to duel. Very quickly I was able to chip the top few inches off his blade but my sword bounced off my shin leaving a slight wound for which the Priest was not worried about. I had the impression this porcelain sword would do more harm to the Devil then to a man. The priest said he never saw anyone fracture another sword so quickly and reminded me not to fear the sword or look directly at it, instead focus on the devil and imagine myself making contact with him with every strike of my sword.

I headed back home and upon entering the area with the hell hole the Devil was there waiting. He tried to put his arm around me and I struck him immediately with the sword, gashing him across the chest from the right side of his neck to the left side of his waist. He retreated immediately in agony and I stood there questioning the others about who had gone down into the hole. Pretty much everyone except Cris had ventured down. Cris was practicing refraining from desire so had lil interest or intrigue about the hole. I instinctively knew that with every visit into the underworlds depths that each person was accruing a debt on their soul. If one was able to visit and then not yearn to go again perhaps their soul could be salvaged but with every visit the person would shed their shame a lil more and it started to show. The 'symptoms' of hell became apparent and the candor, bravado and shamelessness of those who visited became unignorable. Little did they know that the Hell they were indulging in was merely a way for their debt to reach a peak of indulgence and then from that point on their souls would be owned and the real hell would begin.

The metaphor of being thirsty in a desert but being able to quench your thirst came to mind. The insatiable hunger, lust and desire for all of eternity. I had the option to slay them each as they entered into their final visit into Hell, but chose to let them pass seeing as they were about to offer their souls away for eternity anyhow. I don't know what the moral here is; Evil can be defeated by fine porcelain or ivory, perhaps it's that sin is always a choice and when you indulge too long you give away your soul..or maybe it's that forgoing desire will make you oblivious to the evils around you.
But what I really think it says about the end of days is that the rapture won't come like explained; where God comes and takes all the good and leaves the sinners to suffer the apocalypse. I think pockets and holes would open up all over to tempt mankind into those holes, sating their desires and indulgences more and more each time. They'd be aloud to come and go freely and just when the last person willing to be tempted enters into the hole God would come down and save those that are left- because Heaven may have a gate, but Hells doors are always open.


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